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Consumers who typically purchase chile say it is important that their chile is New Mexico grown.



Consumers who feel New Mexico grown chile is better than chile grown in other states.



Consumers who say it is important that vendors & restaurants have NM grown chile.

  • “The New Mexico Certified Chile program will provide the opportunity for consumers around the country to be certain that they are enjoying the authentic flavor that is unique to homegrown New Mexico chile products.”<br /><br /><br/>Pictured: Dino Cervantes, President NMCA and Cervantes Enterprises
  • Joe Baca was an industry pioneer. He founded Bueno Foods with his brothers in 1951 because he knew he needed to share the world’s best chile.
  • “My family has grown and sold chile in New Mexico for four generations.  We've seen this industry grow from its infancy to where we are now; recognized throughout the U.S. and even the world.  It's been an exciting journey.”<br /><br />Pictured: Lou Biad, NMCA board member and owner of Rezolex, Ltd., Co.
  • “Green chile is from New Mexico. It’s part of the great culture of our state. The New Mexico Certified Chile™ program helps put New Mexico on the map.”<br /><br />Pictured: Matt DiGregory, owner of the The Range Cafe
  • “Chile is a way of life in our state, ingrained in our culture and our economy. It supports more than 4,000 jobs and contributes more than $400 million every year to New Mexico’s economy. The one question no one should ever has to ask is, ‘Is this chile really New Mexican?’ [The New Mexico Certified Chile] program further cements the status of New Mexico Chile on par with other nationally-renowned state and regional products.”<br /><br /> Pictured: Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico

Consumers who know chile agree: you shouldn’t settle for anything less than New Mexico chile!

The New Mexico chile industry is in steep decline.

An alarming statistic:

34,500 acres were harvested in 1992. Only 8,600 were harvested in 2013.


Frequently chile is sold labeled as “Hatch” or “NM Grown” when it comes from outside New Mexico or even the U.S.

Foreign companies take advantage of their reduced regulation and cheap, plentiful labor, displacing New Mexico chile.

  • “We’ve been buying local New Mexican chile for the last 36 years since we were founded in 1978. Everyone knows New Mexico chile. It’s tradition. It’s the best. Now it’s certified.”<br /><br />Pictured: George Bazan, John Brooks Supermarket<br/>
  • “NM Certified Chile program will ensure that families, like ours, that have grown chile for generations can continue to grow the best chile in the world. It ensures New Mexico’s chile culture will continue for generations to come.”<br /><br />Pictured: Ray Viramontes and his son, Cole
  • “I have grown chile in New Mexico for many years, and I am now proud to be able to say that my chile is Certified New Mexico chile.”<br /><br />Pictured: Rick Ledbetter and his daughter, Alex

1. When buying chile, ask your grocer, restaurant, and food processor for New Mexico Certified Chile!

2. Get involved with New Mexico Certified Chile.

The New Mexico Chile Association (NMCA) has created a certification program to ensure that you’re getting authentic New Mexico chile.

3. Support our sponsors who support NM Certified Chile.

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